Monty bundle

Monty bundle

$297.00 + GST

Monty Table

The NEW Monty Table is available in 2 different heights, 450H for Toddlers & 500H for Preschoolers. There is a choice of 3 different materials, White Futura, Birch (Maple) and Oak Decor and can be matched with other items in our Monty family, see our Monty Chair for another beautifully designed Starex piece by the very talented Dan.

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Monty Chair

18mm Futura/Eco Spectrum/Oak Décor

One of the objectives when designing the 2020 range of furniture was to minimise offcuts and produce well thought out and sustainable designs. The Monty Stacking chair epitomises this by using small shaped pieces to create the seat back. These pieces can be added to our CNC cut lists utilising as much material as possible and reducing our waste.

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