Crafted with love in New Zealand
for our Australian friends to cherish

Welcome to Starex Australia! 

For the past six years, we have been crafting beautifully designed ECE furniture for Australia and have sent full centre fitouts via shipping containers to regions all across the country.

Due to popular demand, we are delighted to now have Starex distribution bases in Australia, meaning we can now take orders (big and small) and have them delivered to your Early Learning Service.  We are also continuing to supply full fitouts and our design service for clients throughout Australia so please get in touch with us as we’d love to work alongside you! 

Our passionate team in New Zealand lovingly design & craft our innovative ECE furniture for you, before it is sent to Australia for your children to cherish for many years to come. We bring the vision you have for your learning environment to life.

Whether it is a small order of a few pieces for your centre, a mini refresh, or you have a whole centre you’d love us to fit out, we cannot wait to work with you and show you the Starex difference: the best quality ECE furniture to cultivate imagination, which surprises and delights. Invest in you and your children’s future with Starex today.

Know what you're after from our website range?

Great news, you can order direct from our online store now (no matter the size of your order)! Just click the button below to browse our ECE Australia product range and get your order delivered directly to your Australia-based service.

To place an order:

  • Select the Starex product(s) you’d like to order
  • Add to cart in the top right hand corner (there is no need for an account)
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Request a shipping quote
  • When a shipping quote has been requested, then our team will prepare a shipping price for your acceptance

For full centre fitouts and bespoke design, read to learn more about our process below!


Step 1
Send your enquiry/furniture brief to the Starex team
Step 2
Melissa will get in touch with you directly to gather more information on your awesome centre/brand to determine the best approach for your needs
Step 3
After receiving your brief and understanding your centre’s needs, Starex will prepare an accurate quote (including shipping quote) and will work alongside you to bring your visions to life
Step 4
You confirm that you’re happy, the green light is given and deposit is made
Step 5
The magic begins at Starex HQ with your order coming through our factory (from Engineering, Joinery, Finishing to Dispatch, each piece will be meticulously worked over!)
Step 6
The furniture will be finished and packed into our shipping container (Fully assembled. No flat pack as we only provide the highest quality)
Step 7
The shipping container is picked up from HQ and shipped to you in Australia!
Step 8
After delivery ongoing support will be provided. We highly value our Australian clients and will be in touch when the furniture is delivered and on-hand to assist you with any queries in your centre
Step 9
Kids, families and teachers are wowed by the furniture in your centre and are excited to learn with, love and adore the environment/vision you’ve created.

NZ Made Quality

now available in Australia!

Nothing but the BEST

Superior quality furniture

We care about our future

Operating ethically & sustainably

We are passionate about people!

We are very proud of our team and the clients we work with


Thank you for your interest in our STAREX AU products. Click the magazine cover to browse the catalogue


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