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Why did you choose to work with Starex?

We chose to work with starex as they deliver exceptionally made furniture for Children that is unique to the context. Starex assisted us with our design and unique pieces of furniture that amplify the quality of the curriculum. Every piece is made to last, that really supports our ongoing work towards sustainability and ensuring that we aren’t continuously replacing furniture as it wears as Starex is made to be used over and over again without fail! Even better there were no flatpacks in sight, all furniture is butted together to last the test of time!

How do you feel with the final result, seeing the beautiful furniture in your space?

The final result is better than we could have imagined! The Starex team  worked extremely hard with our vision and created pieces of furniture that work in a large open studio like room with no division walls. The furniture creates small spaces within the studio room that doesn’t block supervision and makes the space feel warm, welcoming and absolutely beautiful aesthetically. The design team were amazing with taking on our ideas and transforming them into wonderful pieces of furniture to create a truly magical space for the Children.

The owners Melissa and Matt are inspirational! The direct communication, many zoom meetings and even coming out to the service to help and see the final result. We couldn't thank them enough, and they are the reason that Starex is such a great company to work with on your projects.

What are your favourite pieces of furniture?

We love the planning table and resource library that were both purpose designed and made for the space. The children absolutely love using the cozy house that is so multifunctional, it can be used in so many ways and the coloured Perspex adds another dimension of learning through play and intentional environments!

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“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” – John F. Kennedy
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