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Working with Jay on this project has been another great experience.

Jay always wants to innovate on each of her centres and this time was no different. She gives us great insight into her business and the daily routines in the centre which helps in the design process. We receive great, constructive feedback from her and her team about the furniture which is good for development and reaching a fantastic final result.

As a start, I took inspiration from the architecture of the centre. Through the middle runs a wall of round windows in different sizes which gave me ideas for shapes and patterns to the custom pieces we created. For example: Jay wanted to divide the two toddler rooms with a wall unit providing multiple functions. For this we did two little hideaway nooks that could be accessed from each side of the rooms but also cuts them off with a removable window panel so that kids can’t crawl through from one room to the other. The wall unit also offers a home corner, dress up area and a lot of storage space. Through great communication with Jay and the building team, we could deliver the units to fit nicely in the space. We also created a curved breakfast bar and play house to go with this rounded theme among other units.

It has been so fun and developing to work on this project and I am looking forward to working with Jay on her next! – Elinor, Starex Designer

1. How was the process working with the Starex team for a third time? It was a pleasure as always. Starex have created bespoke beautiful pieces for our Success centre that is individual but still represents Sagewood. My vision of unique and beautiful furniture to create environments that children can love to learn in has been achieved again. 2. What is your favourite piece of furniture from the order and how did you feel when you saw it installed in your space? Our dividing wall is again my favourite  piece, individual, purposeful and allowing a positive transition and interaction between our Bambini and piccolo rooms . It is always the biggest stress that it is going to fit but once it is in the room it just makes the uniqueness to our centres. 3. Why do you choose to work with Starex for your amazing centres? I love working with Starex as it is a personalised service, the furniture is quality, and I cant fault the service and process. I appreciate the time and love that is put into what they do to achieve our vision and values of nurture love and inspire

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